Diet plan to lower cholesterol and lose weight

Diet plan to lower cholesterol and lose weight
The effect will be faster than the medicines on our body, and whenever it comes to problems related to cholesterol heart diseases, it is related to the liver.  The Natural Treatment is also the way in which all these diseases can be eliminated from the root forever. The question arises: When does cholesterol start to grow in our body? Actually, from childhood till our age, our body is in the developer stage  Cholesterol coming from all the things eaten up to the age is used by our body for the growth of the body. From eighteen to the future,  Rehyat stops growing and after cholesterol increases in the body, if you drink non-veg and drink cigarettes along with the outside things, and if you do not do body exercises or hard work in your daily life, then about forty age of, every such person begins to see signs of enlarged cholesterol. If this problem is to be addressed in the beginning, then cholesterol will increase. The incident is entirely in our hands In only five percent of cases, heart attack occurs due to other problems like heart defect in the heart, and in the remaining fifth year, the remaining blocks due to increased cholesterol  AG Heart Attack causes a lot of problems, despite this, it can be completely cured without any medicines only through natural things and   Not only those who have been advised to do the  surgery, doctors have warned that due to the blockage, the heart will be deformed and  heart attack at any time, in such a critical condition, Changes in their life style  By using and using natural things, this disease can be completely reversed. Let's know, the greatest danger to the increased cholesterol is in the arteries.  The blockage is due and due to the dangerous diseases of the heart and mind, but it is very important for you to know that it is not only due to the increase of cholesterol and the heart attack can also come to those people whose body is completely cholesterol.
Diet plan to lower cholesterol and Lose weight

5 natural ways to reduce cholestrol

1: Avoid Eating fats

Fats such as

  1. Ghee
  2. vegetable shortening
  3. partially hydrogenated vegetable oils
  4. fried foods
  5. certain processed and prepackaged foods

2:Consume fewer saturated fats

   Saturated Fats such as:

  1. butter
  2. cheese and other dairy products
  3. cooking oils, such as palm oil and coconut oil
  4. meat

3:Consume more monounsaturated fats

 Eat this items more to reduce cholestrol

  1. nuts, almonds, peanuts
  2. seeds
  3. vegetable oils, such as olive, peanut,   sunflower oils

4:Eat more polyunsaturated fats

  1. walnuts
  2. fish, such as salmon, tuna, and trout
  3. plant oils, such as soybean, corn, and sunflower oils

5:Eat more soluble fiber

  1. vegetables
  2. fruits
  3. legumes
  4. beans

6:Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly , this is a natural way to reduce your calestrol . Do yoga and meditation. Consume fresh natural air.

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